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Aumer D, Mumoki FN, Pirk CWW, Moritz RFA (2018):

19.03.2018: The transriptomic changes associated with the development of social parasitism in the honeybee Apis mellifera capensis. Sci Nat     105: 22.

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Buttstedt A, Mureşan CI, Lilie H, Hause G, Ihling CH, Schulze S-H, Pietzsch M, Moritz RFA (2018):

19.03.2018: How honeybees defy gravity with royal jelly to raise queens. Curr Biol     28: 1-6

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Kurze C, Le Conte Y, Kryger P, Lewkowski O, Müller T, Moritz RFA (2018):

Infection dynamics of Nosema ceranae in honey bee midgut and host cell apoptosis. JIP     154: 1-4

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