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Viljakainen L, Jurvansuu J, Holmberg I, Pamminger T, Erler S, Cremer S (2018):

15.11.2018: Social environment affects the transcriptomic response to bacteria in ant queens. Ecology and Evolution   .

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Lewkowski O, Erler S (2018):

15.11.2018: Virulence of Melissococcus plutonius and secondary invaders associated with European foulbrood disease of the honey bee. MicrobiologyOpen   .

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Wiese N, Fischer J, Heidler J, Lewkowski O, Degenhardt J, Erler S (2018):

15.11.2018: The terpenes of leaves, pollen, and nectar of thyme (Thymus vulgaris) inhibit growth of bee disease-associated microbes. Scientific Reports   .

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Djukic M, Erler S, Leimbach A, Grossar D, Charrière J-D, Gauthier L, Hartken D, Dietrich S, Nacke H, Daniel R, Poehlein A (2018):

15.11.2018: Comparative genomics and description of putative virulence factors of  Melissococcus plutonius, the causative agent of European foulbrood disease in honey bees. Genes   .

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Kurze C, Le Conte Y, Kryger P, Lewkowski O, Müller T, Moritz RFA (2018):

Infection dynamics of Nosema ceranae in honey bee midgut and host cell apoptosis. JIP     154: 1-4

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