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Publication year: 1986 - 1987 - 1988 - 1989 - 1990


MORITZ RFA (1990): Abgabe von geprüften Königinnen an die Imkerschaft. Imkerfreund 45: 6-7
Moritz_1990_Imkerfreund-2.pdf (265.1 KB)  vom 12.05.2009

MORITZ RFA (1990): Bienen und Imkerei im südlichen Afrika. Imkerfreund 45: 18-19
Moritz_1990_Imkerfreund-1.pdf (316.4 KB)  vom 12.05.2009

MORITZ RFA (1990): Natural and artificial selection in the cape honeybee Apis mellifera capensis. In: Bees and Beekeeping in Southern Africa (eds: ANDERSON RH, BUYS B). Proc Intern Beekeepers' Symp, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 63-73
Moritz_1990_Proc-Stellenbosch.pdf (1.1 MB)  vom 13.05.2009

MORITZ RFA (1990): Prüfung der Verdeckelungszeit "varroaresistenter" Bienen aus der UdSSR. Imkerfreund 45: 6-8
Moritz_1990_Imkerfreund-3.pdf (587 KB)  vom 12.05.2009

MORITZ RFA, HILLESHEIM E (1990): Olfactory discrimination between group odours in honey bees: kin or nestmate recognition? Insect Soc 37: 90-99
Moritz_Hillesheim_1990_InsSoc.pdf (556.1 KB)  vom 24.04.2009

MORITZ RFA, HILLESHEIM E (1990): Trophallaxis and genetic variance of kin recognition in honey bees, Apis mellifera L. Anim Behav 40: 641-647
Moritz_Hillesheim_1990_AB.pdf (483.4 KB)  vom 24.04.2009

MORITZ RFA, MAUTZ D (1990): Development of Varroa jacobsoni in colonies of Apis mellifera capensis and Apis mellifera carnica. Apidologie 21: 53-58
Moritz_Mautz_1990_Apido.pdf (403.4 KB)  vom 24.04.2009

SCHMITZ J, MORITZ RFA (1990): Mitochondrial DNA variation in social wasps (Hymenoptera, Vespidae). Experientia 46: 1068-1072
Schmitz_Moritz_1990_Experientia.pdf (370.8 KB)  vom 27.04.2009


CREWE RM, MORITZ RFA (1989): Variation in the Components of Head Extracts of Workers and Queens of Apis-Mellifera-Intermissa Buttel-Reepen. Z Naturforsch 44: 590-596
Crewe_Moritz_1989_Z-Naturforsch.pdf (601.7 KB)  vom 13.05.2009

HILLESHEIM E, KOENIGER N, MORITZ RFA (1989): Colony performance in honeybees (Apis mellifera capensis Esch.) depends on the proportion of subordinate and dominant workers. Behav Ecol Sociobiol 24: 291-296
Hillesheim_etal_1989_BES.pdf (653.7 KB)  vom 24.04.2009

MORITZ RFA (1989): Colony level and within colony level selection in honeybees. Behav Ecol Sociobiol 25: 437-444
Moritz_1989_BES.pdf (720.7 KB)  vom 24.04.2009

MORITZ RFA (1989): Mitochondrial DNA in social wasps (Vespidae) and honeybees (Apis mellifera L.). Proc 1st IUSSI Congr Latin American Section: 1-11
Moritz_1989_IUSSI-Latin-American-Section.pdf (371.3 KB)  vom 13.05.2009

MORITZ RFA (1989): Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Resistenzzucht bei der Honigbiene. Imkerfreund 44: 137-138
Moritz_1989_Imkerfreund.pdf (319.1 KB)  vom 12.05.2009

MORITZ RFA, HILLESHEIM E (1989): Genotypic intragroup variance and hoarding behaviour in honeybees (Apis mellifera L.). Apidologie 20: 383-390
Moritz_Hillesheim_1989_Apido.pdf (393.7 KB)  vom 24.04.2009


MORITZ RFA (1988): A reevaluation of the two-locus model for hygienic behavior in honeybees (Apis mellifera L.). J Hered 79: 257-262
Moritz_1988_JH.pdf (588.2 KB)  vom 24.04.2009

MORITZ RFA (1988): Biochemical changes during honey bee flight muscle development. In: The flying honeybee (ed: NACHTIGALL W). BIONA-report 6: 51-64
Moritz_1988_Biona.pdf (2.4 MB)  vom 13.05.2009

MORITZ RFA (1988): Group relatedness and kin discrimination in honey bees Apis mellifera L. Anim Behav 36: 1334-1340
Moritz_1988_AB.pdf (574.3 KB)  vom 24.04.2009

MORITZ RFA (1988): Selection of group characters in honey bees (Apis mellifera). In: Africanized honey bees and bee mites (eds. NEEDHAM GL, PAGE RE, DELFINADO-BAKER M, BOWMAN CE). Wiley, 118-124
Moritz_1988_Wiley.pdf (436.1 KB)  vom 13.05.2009

MORITZ RFA, CREWE RM (1988): Air ventilation in nests of two African stingless bees Trigona denoiti and Trigonagribodoi. Experientia 44: 1024-1027
Moritz_Crewe_1988_Experientia.pdf (380.8 KB)  vom 24.04.2009

MORITZ RFA, CREWE RM (1988): Chemical signals of queens in kin recognition of honeybees, Apis mellifera L. J Comp Physiol A 164: 83-90
Moritz_Crewe_1988_JCP-a.pdf (520.4 KB)  vom 24.04.2009

MORITZ RFA, CREWE RM (1988): Reaction of Honeybee Workers (Apis-Mellifera L) to Fatty-Acids in Queen Signals. Apidologie 19: 333-342
Moritz_Crewe_1988_Apido.pdf (422.6 KB)  vom 13.05.2009

MORITZ RFA (1988): Der Hobbyimker. Falken-Verlag, 180p


HILLESHEIM E, MORITZ RFA (1987): Genetic variance of physiological characters in the Cape honeybee. J Apicult Res 26: 30-36
Hillesheim_Moritz_1987_JAR.pdf (448.7 KB)  vom 21.01.2009

MORITZ RFA (1987): Die Bienen Afrikas. Imkerfreund 87: 342-344
Moritz_1987_Imkerfreund.pdf (1 MB)  vom 12.05.2009

MORITZ RFA (1987): Sociogenetics in insects: Genetics of social behaviour in honey bees (Apis mellifera L.). In: Chemistry and Biology of Social Insects (eds: EDER J, REMBOLD H). Peperny, Munich: 335-336
Moritz_1987_Peperny.pdf (160.9 KB)  vom 13.05.2009

MORITZ RFA, BRANDES C (1987): Behavior genetics of honeybees (Apis mellifera L.). In: Neurobiology and behavior of honeybees (eds: MENZEL R, MERCER A). Springer-Verlag: 23-35
Moritz_Brandes_1987_Springer.pdf (563.6 KB)  vom 21.01.2009

MORITZ RFA, BÜRGIN H (1987): Group response to alarm pheromones in social wasps and the honeybee. Ethology 76: 15-26
Moritz_Buergin_1987_Ethology.pdf (624.1 KB)  vom 21.01.2009

MORITZ RFA, CROZIER RH, PAMILO P (1987): Sociogenetics in insects: Introduction. In: Chemistry and biology of social insects (eds: EDER J, REMBOLD H). Peperny, Munich: 331-332
Moritz_etal_1987_Peperny.pdf (126.6 KB)  vom 28.04.2009

MORITZ RFA, SOUTHWICK EE (1987): Metabolic test of volatile odor labels as kin recognition cues in honey bees. J Exp Zool 243: 503-507
Moritz_Southwick_1987_JEZ.pdf (371.9 KB)  vom 21.01.2009

MORITZ RFA, SOUTHWICK EE (1987): Phenotype interactions in group behavior of honey bee workers (Apis mellifera L.). Behav Ecol Sociobiol 21: 53-57
Moritz_Southwick_1987_BES.pdf (538.2 KB)  vom 21.01.2009

MORITZ RFA, SOUTHWICK EE, HARBO JB (1987): Genetic analysis of defensive behaviour of honeybee colonies (Apis mellifera L.) in a field test. Apidologie 18: 27-42
Moritz_etal_1987_Apido.pdf (723.8 KB)  vom 21.01.2009

MORITZ RFA, SOUTHWICK EE, HARBO JR (1987): Maternal and pre eclosional factors affecting alarm behaviour in adult honey bees (Apis mellifera L.). Insect Soc 34: 298-307
Moritz_etal_1987_InsSoc.pdf (509.7 KB)  vom 21.01.2009

SOUTHWICK EE, MORITZ RFA (1987): Effects of meteorological factors on defensive behaviour of honey bees. Int J Biometeor 31: 259-265
Southwick_Moritz_1987_Int-J-Biometeor.pdf (303.4 KB)  vom 21.01.2009

SOUTHWICK EE, MORITZ RFA (1987): Social control of air ventilation in colonies of honey bees, Apis mellifera. J Insect Physiol 33: 623-626
Southwick_Moritz_1987_JIP.pdf (477.8 KB)  vom 21.01.2009

SOUTHWICK EE, MORITZ RFA (1987): Social synchronization of circadian rhythms of metabolism in honeybees (Apis mellifera). Physiol Entomol 12: 209-212
Southwick_Moritz_1987_PhysiolEntomol.pdf (274.4 KB)  vom 21.01.2009

SOUTHWICK EE, MORITZ RFA (1987): Kin recognition in social insects: Using group metabolism as an indicator of kin recognition in honey bees. In: Chemistry and Biology of Social Insects (eds: EDER J, REMBOLD H). Peperny, Munich: 469
Southwick_Moritz_1987_Peperny.pdf (96 KB)  vom 13.05.2009


MORITZ RFA (1986): Comparison of within-family and mass selection in honeybee populations. J Apicult Res 25: 146-153
Moritz_1986_JAR.pdf (472.1 KB)  vom 20.01.2009

MORITZ RFA (1986): Estimating the genetic variance of group characters: social behaviour of honeybees (Apis mellifera L.). Theor Appl Genet 72: 513-517
Moritz_1986_TAG.pdf (409.2 KB)  vom 20.01.2009

MORITZ RFA (1986): Genetics of bees other than Apis mellifera. In: Bee Genetics and Breeding (ed: RINDERER TE). Academic Press: 121-154
Moritz_1986_Academic-Press.pdf (3.3 MB)  vom 21.01.2009

MORITZ RFA (1986): Intracolonial worker relationship and sperm competition in the honeybee (Apis mellifera L.). Experientia 42: 445-448
Moritz_1986_Experientia.pdf (3.7 MB)  vom 20.01.2009

MORITZ RFA (1986): The origin of inbreeding depression in honeybees. Bee World 67: 157-163
Moritz_1986_Bee-world.pdf (358.6 KB)  vom 20.01.2009

MORITZ RFA (1986): Two parthenogenetical strategies of laying workers in populations of the honeybee, Apis mellifera (Hymenoptera: Apidae). Entomol Gener 11: 159-164
Moritz_1986_Entomol-Gener.pdf (369.3 KB)  vom 20.01.2009

MORITZ RFA, HALLMEN M (1986): Trophallaxis of worker honeybees (Apis mellifera L.) of different ages. Insect Soc 33: 26-31
Moritz_Hallmen_1986_InsSoc.pdf (329.2 KB)  vom 20.01.2009

MORITZ RFA, HAWKINS CF, CROZIER RH, MACKINLEY AG (1986): A mitochondrial DNA polymorphism in honeybees (Apis mellifera L.). Experientia 42: 322-324
Moritz_etal_1986_Experientia.pdf (291.7 KB)  vom 20.01.2009

MORITZ RFA, SOUTHWICK EE (1986): A metabolic bio-assay for the quantification of pheromone action in social insects. Proceedings of the fourth international symposium of the international society of invertebrate reproduction (ISIR): 530
Moritz_Southwick_1986_Proc-ISIR.pdf (84 KB)  vom 21.01.2009

MORITZ RFA, SOUTHWICK EE (1986): Analysis of queen recognition by honey bee workers (Apis mellifera L.) in a metabolic bio-assay. Exp Biol 46: 45-49
Moritz_Southwick_1986_ExpBiol.pdf (413.9 KB)  vom 20.01.2009