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Publication year: 1991 - 1992 - 1993 - 1994 - 1995


BEYE M, MORITZ RFA (1995): Characterization of honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) chromosomes using repetitive DNA probes and fluorescence in situ hybridization. J Hered 86: 145-150
Beye_Moritz_1995_JoH.pdf (2 MB)  vom 23.04.2009

MORITZ RFA, KRYGER P, KOENIGER G,KOENIGER N, ESTOUP A, TINGEK S (1995): High-degree of polyandry in Apis dorsata queens detected by DNA microsatellite variability. Behav Ecol Sociobiol 37: 357-363
Moritz_etal_1995_BES.pdf (657.1 KB)  vom 24.04.2009


BEYE M, MORITZ RFA (1994): A centromere-specific probe for fluorescence in-situ hybridization on chromosomes of Apis mellifera L. Apidologie 25: 322-326
Beye_Moritz_1994_Apido.pdf (259.8 KB)  vom 27.04.2009

BEYE M, MORITZ RFA, EPPLEN C (1994): Sex linkage in the honeybee Apis mellifera detected by multilocus DNA-fingerprinting. Naturwissenschaften 81: 460-462
Beye_Moritz_1994_Naturw.pdf (265.2 KB)  vom 27.04.2009

CREWE RM, HEPBURN HR, MORITZ RFA (1994): Morphometric analysis of two southern African races of honeybee. Apidologie 25: 61-70
Crewe_etal_1994_Apido.pdf (549.5 KB)  vom 27.04.2009

HABERL M, MORITZ RFA (1994): Estimation of intracolonial worker relationship in a honeybee colony (Apis mellifera L.) using DNA-fingerprinting. Insect Soc 41: 263-272
Haberl_Moritz_1994_InsSoc.pdf (784.3 KB)  vom 27.04.2009

MORITZ RFA (1994): Molecular biology of the honeybee. Adv Insect Physiol 25: 105-149
Moritz_1994_Adv-Insect-Physiol.pdf (2.1 MB)  vom 12.05.2009

MORITZ RFA (1994): Nourishment and sociality in honeybees. In: Nourishment and evolution in insect societies (eds: HUNT JH, NALEPA CA). Westview: 345-390
Moritz_1994_Westview.pdf (3.3 MB)  vom 13.05.2009

MORITZ RFA (1994): Selection for varroatosis resistance in honeybees. Parasitol Today 10: 236-238
Moritz_1994_Parasitol-Today.pdf (333.7 KB)  vom 24.04.2009

MORITZ RFA (1994): Wer regiert den Bienenstaat? Kooperation und Konflikt im Bienenvolk. Sber Ges Naturf Freunde Berlin 33: 51-67
Moritz_1994_Sber-Ges-Naturf-Freunde.pdf (1.1 MB)  vom 13.05.2009

MORITZ RFA, CORNUET JM, KRYGER P, GARNERY L, HEPBURN HR (1994): Mitochondrial-DNA variability in South African honeybees (Apis mellifera L.). Apidologie 25: 169-178
Moritz_etal_1994_Apido.pdf (645.2 KB)  vom 24.04.2009

MORITZ RFA, HABERL M (1994): Lack of meiotic recombination in thelytokous parthenogenesis of laying workers of Apis mellifera capensis (the Cape honeybee). Heredity 73: 98-102
Moritz_Haberl_1994_Heredity.pdf (528.8 KB)  vom 24.04.2009

MORITZ RFA, KRYGER P (1994): Self-organization of circadian-rhythms in groups of honeybees (Apis mellifera L.). Behav Ecol Sociobiol 34: 211-215
Moritz_Kryger_1994_BES.pdf (507.2 KB)  vom 24.04.2009

SCHMITZ J, MORITZ RFA (1994): Sequence analysis of the D1 and D2 regions of 28S rDNA in the hornet (Vespa crabro) (Hymenoptera, Vespinae). Insect Mol Biol 3: 273-277
Schmitz_Moritz_1994_IMB.pdf (288.9 KB)  vom 27.04.2009


BEYE M, MORITZ RFA (1993): In situ hybridization of rDNA on chromosomes of the honeybee, Apis mellifera L. Experientia 49: 337-338
Beye_Moritz_1993_Experientia.pdf (188 KB)  vom 27.04.2009

MEUSEL MS, MORITZ RFA (1993): Transfer of paternal mitochondrial DNA during fertilization of honeybee (Apis melliferaL.) eggs. Curr Genet 24: 539-543
Meusel_Moritz_1993_Curr-Genet.pdf (557.4 KB)  vom 27.04.2009

MORITZ RFA (1993): Intracolonial relationship in the honeybee colony (Apis mellifera): molecular evidence and behavioural consequences. Verh Dtsch Zool Ges 86: 151-158
Moritz_1993_Verh-Dtsch-Zool-Ges.pdf (647.1 KB)  vom 13.05.2009

MORITZ RFA, MEUSEL MS (1993): Reply to the notes and comments of H. G. Hall and D. R. Smith (J Evol Biol 6: 759–760). J Evol Biol 6: 761-762
Moritz_Meusel_1993_JEB.pdf (138.5 KB)  vom 12.05.2009


MEUSEL MS, MORITZ RFA (1992): Mitochondrial DNA length variation in the cytochrome oxidase region of honey bee (Apis mellifera L.). Apidologie 23: 147-150
Meusel_Moritz_1992_Apido.pdf (289.1 KB)  vom 27.04.2009

MORITZ RFA, HEISLER T (1992): Super and half-sister discrimination by honey bee workers (Apis mellifera L.) in a trophallactic bioassay. Insect Soc 39: 365-372
Moritz_Heisler_1992_InsSoc.pdf (465.6 KB)  vom 24.04.2009

MORITZ RFA, JORDAN M (1992): Selection of resistance against Varroa jacobsoni across caste and sex in the honeybee (Apis mellifera L., Hymenoptera: Apidae).  Exp Appl Acarol 16: 345-353
Moritz_Jordan_1992_Exp-Appl-Acarol.pdf (486 KB)  vom 15.09.2010

MORITZ RFA, MEUSEL MS (1992): Mitochondrial gene frequencies in Africanized honeybees (Apis mellifera L.): Theoretical model and empirical evidence. J Evol Biol 5: 71-82
Moritz_Meusel_1992_JEB.pdf (475 KB)  vom 24.04.2009

MORITZ RFA, SOUTHWICK EE (1992): Bees as Superorganisms - an Evolutionary Reality. Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, 349p.


MORITZ RFA (1991): Kin recognition in honeybees: experimental artefact or biological reality? In: The behaviour and physiology of bees (eds: GOODMAN LJ, FISHER RC). CAB International, Oxon, UK, 48-59
Moritz_1991_CAB-International.pdf (458.9 KB)  vom 28.04.2009

MORITZ RFA (1991): The limitations of biometrical control on pure race breeding in Apis mellifera. J Apicult Res 30: 54-60
Moritz_1991_JAR.pdf (436.9 KB)  vom 24.04.2009

MORITZ RFA, CREWE RM (1991): The Volatile Emission of Honeybee Queens (Apis-Mellifera L). Apidologie 22: 205-212
Moritz_Crewe_1991_Apido.pdf (460.9 KB)  vom 11.05.2009

MORITZ RFA, KIRCHNER M, CREWE RM (1991): Chemical camouflage of the death head hawkmoth, Acherontia atropus.  Naturwissenschaften 78: 179-182
Moritz_etal_1991_Naturw.pdf (385.2 KB)  vom 15.09.2010

MORITZ RFA, MEUSEL MS, HABERL M (1991): Oligonucleotide Dna Fingerprinting Discriminates Super-Sisters and Half-Sisters in Honeybee Colonies (Apis-Melifera L). Naturwissenschaften 78: 422-424
Moritz_etal_1991_Naturw-2.pdf (513 KB)  vom 11.05.2009

MORITZ RFA, SAKOFSKI F (1991): The role of the queen in circadian rhythms of honeybees (Apis mellifera L.). Behav Ecol Sociobiol 29: 361-366
Moritz_Sakofski_1991_BES.pdf (488.6 KB)  vom 24.04.2009

MORITZ RFA, SAKOFSKI F, KAINZ D (1991): Circadian rhythms in social groups of the honeybee. In: Forschung unter Weltraumbedingungen (eds: BINNENBRUCK H, RICHTER J). DARA-Symposium, Aachen: 403-408
Moritz_etal_1991_DARA-Symposium.pdf (333 KB)  vom 28.04.2009