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Publication year: 1996 - 1997 - 1998 - 1999 - 2000

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BLISS P, SCHRÖDER H, KATZERKE A, MORITZ RFA (2000): Standort und Struktur eines Kolonieverbandes der Großen Kerbameise (Formica exsecta) im Müritz-Nationalpark (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). Arch Freunde Naturg Mecklenb XL: 5-23
Bliss_etal_2001_Ent-Nachr-Ber.pdf (223.4 KB)  vom 18.09.2014

DE LA RÚA P, SIMON UE, TILDE AC, MORITZ RFA, FUCHS S (2000): MtDNA variation in Apis cerana populations from the Philippines. Heredity 84: 124-130
de-la-Rua_etal_2000_Heredity.pdf (385.3 KB)  vom 19.09.2014

HOFFMANN WRE, NEUMANN P, SCHMOLZ E (2000): Technique for rearing the European hornet (Vespa crabro) through an entire colony life cycle in captivity. Insect Soc 47: 351-353
Hoffmann_etal_2000_InsSoc.pdf (45.5 KB)  vom 19.09.2014

KRYGER P, KRYGER U, MORITZ RFA (2000): Genotypical variability for the tasks of water collecting and scenting in a honey bee colony. Ethology 106: 769-779
Kryger_etal_2000_Ethology.pdf (165 KB)  vom 19.09.2014

MORITZ RFA, CREWE RM, HEPBURN HR (2000): Clustering of related workers in the honeybee colony (Apis mellifera L.): adaptive process or inevitable pattern? Apidologie 31: 223-233
Moritz_etal_2000_Apido.pdf (418.9 KB)  vom 19.09.2014

MORITZ RFA, SIMON UE, CREWE RM (2000): Pheromonal contest between honeybee workers (Apis mellifera capensis). Naturwissenschaften 87: 395-397
Moritz_etal_2000_Naturw.pdf (75.3 KB)  vom 19.09.2014

NEUMANN P, HEPBURN HR, RADLOFF SE (2000): Modes of worker reproduction, reproductive dominance and brood cell construction in queenless honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) colonies. Apidologie 31: 479-486
Neumann_etal_2000_Apido-1.pdf (33.5 KB)  vom 19.09.2014

NEUMANN P, KOENIGER N, KOENIGER G, TINGEK S, KRYGER P, MORITZ RFA (2000): Home-site fidelity in migratory honeybees. Nature 406: 474-475
Neumann_etal_2000_Nature.pdf (99.3 KB)  vom 19.09.2014

NEUMANN P, MORITZ RFA (2000): Testing genetic variance hypotheses for the evolution of polyandry in the honeybee (Apis mellifera L.). Insect Soc 47: 271-279
Neumann_Moritz_2000_InsSoc.pdf (93.2 KB)  vom 19.09.2014

NEUMANN P, MORITZ RFA, MAUTZ D (2000): Colony evaluation is not affected by drifting of drone and worker honeybees (Apis mellifera L.) at a performance testing apiary. Apidologie 31: 67-79
Neumann_etal_2000_Apido-2.pdf (70.5 KB)  vom 19.09.2014

POLACZEK B, NEUMANN P, SCHRICKER B, MORITZ RFA (2000): A new, simple method for rearing diploid drones in the honeybee (Apis mellifera L.). Apidologie 31: 525-530
Polaczek_etal_2000_Apido.pdf (33.6 KB)  vom 19.09.2014

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Beye_etal_1999_Apido.pdf (191.9 KB)  vom 04.09.2008

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Beye_etal_1999_Genetics.pdf (132.3 KB)  vom 22.04.2009

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Fuchs_Moritz_1999_BES.pdf (127.1 KB)  vom 15.09.2010

HEPBURN HR, REECE SL, NEUMANN P, MORITZ RFA, RADLOFF SE (1999): Absconding in honeybees (Apis mellifera) in relation to queen status and mode of worker reproduction. Insect Soc 46: 323-326
Hepburn_etal_1999_InsSoc.pdf (105.8 KB)  vom 23.04.2009

MORITZ RFA, KRYGER P, ALLSOPP MH (1999): Lack of worker policing in the Cape honeybee (Apis mellifera capensis). Behav 136: 1079-1092
Moritz_etal_1999_Behav.pdf (793.5 KB)  vom 18.12.2008

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Moritz_Page_1999_Birkhaeuser.pdf (1 MB)  vom 28.04.2009

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Neumann_etal_1999_Apido-2.pdf (6.7 MB)  vom 27.04.2009

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Neumann_etal_1999_JAR.pdf (7.2 MB)  vom 27.04.2009

NEUMANN P, VAN PRAAGH JP, MORITZ RFA, DUSTMANN JH (1999): Testing reliability of a potential island mating apiary using DNA microsatellites. Apidologie 30: 257-276
Neumann_etal_1999_Apido-1.pdf (988.4 KB)  vom 27.04.2009


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Beye_etal_1998_BES.pdf (196.8 KB)  vom 22.04.2009

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Beye_etal_1998_Apido.pdf (414.6 KB)  vom 27.04.2009

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Beye_etal_1998_Genomics.pdf (375.8 KB)  vom 27.04.2009

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de-la-Rua_Moritz_1998_Apido.pdf (6 MB)  vom 04.05.2009

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Moritz_etal_1998_InsSoc.pdf (133.2 KB)  vom 23.04.2009

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Moritz_Fuchs_1998_Apido.pdf (952.7 KB)  vom 24.04.2009

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Schmitz_Moritz_1998_Mol-Phylogenet-Evol.pdf (918.1 KB)  vom 27.04.2009

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Schmitz_Moritz_1998_JME.pdf (593.2 KB)  vom 27.04.2009


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Beye_etal_1997_InsSoc.pdf (248.1 KB)  vom 22.04.2009

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Gladasch_etal_1997_Apido.pdf (198.9 KB)  vom 12.05.2009

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Kryger_Moritz_1997_BES.pdf (452.9 KB)  vom 23.04.2009

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Neumann_etal_1997_Apido.pdf (332.6 KB)  vom 12.05.2009

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Schwarz_etal_1997_Apido.pdf (189.8 KB)  vom 12.05.2009

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Beye_etal_1996_Naturw.pdf (291.7 KB)  vom 27.04.2009

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Moritz_Neumann_1996_Ethology.pdf (690 KB)  vom 24.04.2009