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BECHER MA, HILDENBRANDT H, HEMELRIJK CK, MORITZ RFA (2010): Brood temperature, task division and colony survival in honeybees: A model. Ecol Model    221: 769-776
Becher_etal_2010_Ecol-Model.pdf (332.8 KB)  vom 15.09.2010

BEHRENS D, FORSGREN E, FRIES I, MORITZ RFA (2010): Lethal infection thresholds of Paenibacillus larvae for honeybee drone and worker larvae (Apis mellifera). Environ Microbiol    12: 2838–2845
Behrens_etal_2010_EnvironMicrobiol.pdf (663.2 KB)  vom 07.10.2010

EL-NIWEIRI MAA, MORITZ RFA (2010): The impact of apiculture on the genetic structure of wild honeybee populations (Apis mellifera) in Sudan. J Insect Conserv    14: 115-124
El-Niweiri_Moritz_2010_JIC .pdf (416.8 KB)  vom 19.04.2011

ERLER S, FERENZ HJ, MORITZ RFA and KAATZ HH (2010): Analysis of the mitochondrial genome of Schistocerca gregaria gregaria (Orthoptera: Acrididae). Biol J Linn Soc    99: 296-305
Erler_etal_2010_Biol-J-Linn-Soc.pdf (176.1 KB)  vom 01.10.2010

ERLER S, LATTORFF HMG (2010): The degree of parasitism of the bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) by cuckoo bumblebees (Bombus (Psithyrus) vestalis). Insect Soc    57: 371–377
Erler_Lattorff_2010_InsSoc.pdf (213.9 KB)  vom 26.01.2011

GENERSCH E, VON DER OHE W, KAATZ H, SCHROEDER A, OTTEN C, BÜCHLER R, BERG S, RITTER W, MÜHLEN W, GISDER S, MEIXNER M, LIEBIG G, ROSENKRANZ P (2010): The German bee monitoring project: a long term study to understand periodically high winter losses of honey bee colonies. Apidologie    41: 332-352
Genersch_etal_2010_Apido.pdf (434.2 KB)  vom 19.04.2011

HUTH-SCHWARZ A, LEON A, VANDAME R, MORITZ RFA, KRAUS FB (2010):  Mating frequency and genetic colony structure of the neotropical bumblebee Bombus wilmattae (Hymenoptera: Apidae). Apidologie (accepted)
! coming soon !.pdf (3.1 KB)  vom 14.10.2010

JAFFÉ R, DIETEMANN V, ALLSOPP MH, COSTA C, CREWE RM, DALL’OLIO R, DE LA RÚA P, EL-NIWEIRI MAA, FRIES I, KEZIC N, MEUSEL MS, PAXTON RJ, SHAIBI T, STOLLE E AND MORITZ RFA (2010): Estimating the Density of Honeybee Colonies across their Natural Range to Fill the Gap in Pollinator Decline Censuses. Conserv Biol    24 (2): 583–593
Jaffe_etal_2010_ConservBiol.pdf (462.3 KB)  vom 01.10.2010

JAFFÉ R, MORITZ RFA (2010): Mating flights select for symmetry in honeybee drones (Apis mellifera). Naturwissenschaften    97 (3): 337-343
Jaffe_Moritz_2010_Naturw.pdf (147.7 KB)  vom 01.10.2010

KATZERKE A, BLISS P, MORITZ RFA (2010): Size matters: mole (Talpa europaea) hills and nest-site selection of the ant Formica exsecta. Popul Ecol    52: 271-277
Katzerke_etal_2010_PopulEcol.pdf (296.6 KB)  vom 15.09.2010

MORITZ RFA, DE MIRANDA J, FRIES I, LE CONTE Y, NEUMANN P, PAXTON RJ (2010): Research strategies to improve honeybee health in Europe. Apidologie    41: 227-242
Moritz_etal_2010_Apido.pdf (267.3 KB)  vom 01.10.2010

MORITZ RFA, HADDAD N, BATAIENEH A, SHALMON B, HEFETZ A (2010): Invasion of the dwarf honeybee Apis florea into the near East. Biol Invasions    12: 1093-1099
Moritz_etal_2010_ BiolInvasions.pdf (293.5 KB)  vom 01.10.2010

SHAIBI T, MORITZ RFA (2010): 10,000 years in isolation? Honeybees (Apis mellifera) in Saharan oases. Conserv Genet    5: 2085-2089
Shaibi_Moritz_2010_ConservGenet.pdf (261.9 KB)  vom 01.10.2010

WOLF S, ROHDE M, MORITZ RFA (2010): The reliability of morphological traits in the differentiation of Bombus terrestris and B. lucorum (Hymenoptera: Apidae). Apidologie    41: 45–53
Wolf_etal_2010_Apido.pdf (536.3 KB)  vom 01.10.2010


BECHER MA, MORITZ RFA (2009): A new device for continuous temperature measurement in brood cells of honeybees (Apis mellifera). Apidologie    40: 577-584
Becher_Moritz_2009_Apido.pdf (1.3 MB)  vom 05.10.2010

BECHER MA, SCHARPENBERG H, MORITZ RFA (2009): Pupal developmental temperature and behavioral specialization of honeybee workers (Apis mellifera L.). J Comp Physiol A    195: 673–679
Becher_etal_2009_JCP-a.pdf (325.4 KB)  vom 05.10.2010

DE LA RÚA P, JAFFÉ R, DALL 'OLIO R, MUNOZ I, SERRANO J (2009): Biodiversity, conservation and current threats to European honeybees. Apidologie    40: 263-284
de-la-Rua_etal_2009_Apido.pdf (712 KB)  vom 05.10.2010

LÓPEZ JCG, KRAUS FB (2009): Cherchez la femme? Site choice of drone congregations in the stingless bee Scaptotrigona mexicana. Anim Behav    77: 1247-1252
Lopez_Kraus_2009_AB.pdf (283.5 KB)  vom 07.10.2010

JAFFÉ R, DIETEMANN V, CREWE RM, MORITZ RFA (2009): Temporal variation in the genetic structure of a drone congregation area: An insight into the population dynamics of wild African honeybees (Apis mellifera scutellata). Mol Ecol    18 (7): 1511-1522
Jaffe_etal_2009_ME.pdf (237.4 KB)  vom 07.10.2010

JAFFÉ R, MORITZ RFA, KRAUS FB (2009): Gene flow is maintained by polyandry and male dispersal in the army ant Eciton burchellii. Popul Ecol    51: 227–236
Jaffe_etal_2009_PopulEcol.pdf (380.6 KB)  vom 07.10.2010

JOHANNESEN J, MORITZ RFA, SIMUNEK H,SEIBT U, WICKLER W (2009): Species cohesion despite extreme inbreeding in a social spider. J Evol Biol    22: 1137–1142
Johannesen_etal_2009_JEB.pdf (404.3 KB)  vom 07.10.2010

JOHANNESEN J, WICKLER W, SEIBT U, MORITZ RFA (2009): Population history in social spiders repeated: colony structure and lineage evolution in Stegodyphus mimosarum (Eresidae). Mol Ecol    18: 2812-2818
Johannesen_etal_2009_ME.pdf (328.7 KB)  vom 07.10.2010

KRAUS FB, WOLF S, MORITZ RFA (2009): Male flight distance and population substructure in the bumblebee Bombus terrestris. J Anim Ecol    78: 247-252
Kraus_etal_2009_JAE.pdf (338.6 KB)  vom 07.10.2010

SHAIBI T, FUCHS S, MORITZ RFA (2009): Morphological study of Honeybees (Apis mellifera) from Libya. Apidologie    40: 97-105
Shaibi_etal_2009_Apido.pdf (298.6 KB)  vom 07.10.2010

SHAIBI T, MUNOZ I, DALL 'OLIO R, LODESANI M,  DE LA RÚA P, MORITZ RFA (2009): Apis mellifera evolutionary lineages in Northern Africa: Libya, where orient meets occident. Insect Soc    56: 293-300
Shaibi_etal_2009_InsSoc.pdf (298.1 KB)  vom 07.10.2010

STOLLE E, ROHDE M, VAUTRIN D, SOLIGNAC M, SCHMID-HEMPEL P, SCHMID-HEMPEL R, MORITZ RFA (2009): Novel microsatellite DNA loci for Bombus terrestris (Linnaeus, 1758). Mol Ecol Resour    9: 1345–1352
Stolle_etal_2009_MER.pdf (105.4 KB)  vom 07.10.2010

WALTER A, BLISS P, ELGAR MA, MORITZ RFA (2009): Argiope bruennichi shows a drinking-like behaviour in web hub decorations (Araneae, Araneidae). J Ethol    27: 25-29
Walter_etal_2009_JEth.pdf (252 KB)  vom 07.10.2010


EL-NIWEIRI MAA, EI-SARRAG MS, NEUMANN P (2008): Filling the Sudan gap: the northernmost natural distribution limit of small hive beetles. J Apicult Res    47: 184-185
El-Niweiri_etal_2008_JAR.pdf (636.6 KB)  vom 08.10.2010

EL-NIWEIRI MAA, MORITZ RFA (2008): Mitochondrial discrimination of honeybees (Apis mellifera) of Sudan. Apidologie    39: 566-573
El-Niweiri_Moritz_2008_Apido.pdf (1003.1 KB)  vom 08.10.2010

HENLE K, ALARD D, CLITHEROW J, COBB P, FIRBANK L, KULL T, McCRACKEN D, MORITZ RFA, NIEMELA J, REBANE M, WASCHER D, WATT A, YOUNG J (2008): Identifying and managing the conflicts between agriculture and biodiversity conservation in Europe-A review. Agr Ecosyst Environ    124: 60-71
Henle_etal_2008_AEE.pdf (340.5 KB)  vom 08.10.2010

JAFFE R, WOLF S, MORITZ RFA (2008): BEESHOP - Bees in Europe and Sustainable Honey Production: an European research network. BEE Improvement & Conservation. p.28-29
Jaffe_etal_2008_BIBBA.pdf (708.8 KB)  vom 08.10.2010

KRAUS FB, WEINHOLD S, MORITZ RFA (2008): Genetic structure of drone congregations of the stingless bee Scaptotrigona mexicana. Insect Soc    55: 22-27
Kraus_etal_2008_InsSoc.pdf (238.9 KB)  vom 08.10.2010

LATTORFF HMG, MORITZ RFA (2008): Recombination Rate and AT-content Show Opposite Correlations in Mammalian and Other Animal Genomes. Evol Biol    35: 146-149
Lattorff_Moritz_2008_EvolBiol.pdf (181.2 KB)  vom 08.10.2010

MORITZ RFA, DIETEMANN V, CREWE RM (2008): Determining colony densities in wild honeybee populations (Apis mellifera) with linked microsatellite DNA markers. J Insect Conserv    12: 455–459
Moritz_etal_2008_JIC.pdf (183.1 KB)  vom 08.10.2010

MORITZ RFA, PIRK CWW, HEPBURN HR, NEUMANN P (2008): Short-sighted evolution of virulence in parasitic honeybee workers (Apis mellifera capensis Esch.). Naturwissenschaften    95: 507-513
Moritz_etal_2008_Naturw.pdf (225.4 KB)  vom 08.10.2010

SHAIBI T, LATTORFF HMG, MORITZ RFA (2008): A microsatellite DNA toolkit for studying population structure in Apis mellifera. Mol Ecol Res    8: 1034-1036
Shaibi_etal_2008_MER.pdf (81.6 KB)  vom 08.10.2010

STRAUSS K, SCHARPENBERG H, CREWE RM, GLAHN F, FOTH H, MORITZ RFA (2008): The role of the queen mandibular gland pheromone in honeybees (Apis mellifera): honest signal or suppressive agent? Behav Ecol Sociobiol    62: 1523-1531
Strauss_etal_2008_BES.pdf (195.1 KB)  vom 08.10.2010

TRIBOLIUM GENOME SEQUENCING CONSORTIUM (2008): The genome of the model beetle and pest Tribolium castaneum. Nature    452: 949-955
Richards_etal_2008_Nature.pdf (793 KB)  vom 08.10.2010

WALTER A, ELGAR MA, BLISS P, MORITZ RFA (2008): Molting interferes with web decorating behavior in Argiope keyserlingi (Araneae, Araneidae). J Arachnol    36: 538-544
Walter_etal_2008_J-Arachnol.pdf (413.9 KB)  vom 08.10.2010

WALTER A, ELGAR MA, BLISS P, MORITZ RFA (2008): Wrap attack activates web-decorating behavior in Argiope spiders. Behav Ecol    19: 799-804
Walter_etal_2008_BE.pdf (296.2 KB)  vom 08.10.2010

WOLF S, MORITZ RFA (2008): Foraging distance in Bombus terrestris L. (Hymenoptera: Apidae). Apidologie    39: 419-427
Wolf_Moritz_2008_Apido.pdf (238.3 KB)  vom 08.10.2010


BEHRENS D, FORSGREN E, FRIES I, MORITZ RFA (2007): Infection of drone larvae (Apis mellifera) with American foulbrood. Apidologie    38: 281-288
Behrens_etal_2007_Apido.pdf (357.5 KB)  vom 11.10.2010

DALL'OLIO R, MARINO A, LODESANI M, MORITZ RFA (2007): Genetic characterization of Italian honeybees, Apis mellifera ligustica, based on microsatellite DNA polymorphisms. Apidologie    38: 207-217
Dall'Olio_etal_2007_Apido.pdf (877.9 KB)  vom 11.10.2010

DIETEMANN V, NEUMANN P, HÄRTEL S, PIRK CWW, CREWE RM (2007): Pheromonal dominance and the selection of a socially parasitic honeybee worker lineage (Apis mellifera capensis Esch.). J Evolution Biol    20: 997-1007
Dietemann_etal_2007_JEB.pdf (545.6 KB)  vom 11.10.2010

HERRMANN F, WESTPHAL C, MORITZ RFA, STEFFAN-DEWENTER I (2007): Genetic diversity and mass resources promote colony size and forager densities of a social bee (Bombus pascuorum) in agricultural landscapes. Mol Ecol    16: 1167-1178
Herrmann_etal_2007_ME.pdf (212.3 KB)  vom 11.10.2010

JAFFÉ R, KRONAUER DJC, KRAUS FB, BOOMSMA JJ, MORITZ RFA (2007): Worker caste determination in the army ant Eciton burchellii. Biol Lett    3: 513-516
Jaffe_etal_2007_BiolLett.pdf (186 KB)  vom 11.10.2010

KAATZ HH, FERENZ HJ, LANGER B, MORITZ RFA (2007): Isolation and characterization of nine polymorphic microsatellite loci from the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria. Mol Ecol Notes    7: 1042-1044
Kaatz_etal_2007_MEN.pdf (75.5 KB)  vom 11.10.2010

KLÜTSCH CFC, MISOF B, GROSSE W-R, MORITZ RFA (2007): Genetic and morphometric differentiation among island populations of two Norops lizards (Reptilia: Sauria: Polychrotidae) on independently colonized islands of the Islas de Bahia (Honduras). J Biogeogr    34: 1124-1135
Kluetsch_etal_2007_JB.pdf (603.7 KB)  vom 11.10.2010

KRAUS FB, BÜCHLER R, SIEDE R, BERG S, MORITZ RFA (2007): Trade-off between survival and male reproduction in Varroa destructor infested honeybee colonies (Apis mellifera). Ethol Ecol Evol    19: 263-273
Kraus_etal_2007_EEE.pdf (183 KB)  vom 11.10.2010

LATTORFF HMG, MORITZ RFA, CREWE RM, SOLIGNAC M (2007): Control of reproductive dominance by the thelytoky gene in honeybees. Biol Lett    3: 292-295
Lattorff_etal_2007_BiolLett.pdf (175.8 KB)  vom 11.10.2010

MORITZ RFA, KRAUS FB, KRYGER P, CREWE RM (2007): The size of wild honeybee populations (Apis mellifera) and its implications for the conservation of honeybees. J Insect Conserv    11: 391-397
Moritz_etal_2007_JIC.pdf (241.8 KB)  vom 11.10.2010


BLISS P, KATZERKE A, NEUMANN P (2006): The Role of Molehills and Grasses for Filial Nest Founding in the Wood Ant Formica exsecta (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Sociobiol 47: 903-913
Bliss_etal_2006_Sociobiol.pdf (394.1 KB)  vom 12.10.2010

CRISTINO AS, NUNES FMF, LOBO CH, BITONDI MMG, SIMÕES ZLP, da FONTOURA COSTA L, LATTORFF HMG, MORITZ RFA, EVANS JD, HARTFELDER K (2006): Caste development and reproduction: a genome-wide analysis of hallmarks of insect eusociality. Insect Mol Biol 15: 703-714
Cristino_etal_2006_IMB.pdf (354.1 KB)  vom 12.10.2010

DIETEMANN V, PFLUGFELDER J, HÄRTEL S, NEUMANN P, CREWE RM (2006): Social parasitism by honeybee workers (Apis mellifera capensis Esch.): evidence for pheromonal resistance to host queen’s signals. Behav Ecol Sociobiol    60: 785-793
Dietemann_etal_2006_BES.pdf (207.4 KB)  vom 12.10.2010

HÄRTEL S, NEUMANN P, KRYGER P, von der HEIDE C, MOLTZER G-J, CREWE RM, van PRAAGH JP, MORITZ RFA (2006): Infestation levels of Apis mellifera scutellata swarms by socially parasitic Cape honeybee workers (Apis mellifera capensis). Apidologie    37: 462-470
Haertel_etal_2006_Apido.pdf (118.4 KB)  vom 12.10.2010

HÄRTEL S, NEUMANN P, RAASSEN FS, MORITZ RFA, HEPBURN HR (2006): Social parasitism by Cape honeybee workers in colonies of their own subspecies (Apis mellifera capensis Esch.). Insect Soc    53: 183-193
Haertel_etal_2006_InsSoc.pdf (123.1 KB)  vom 12.10.2010

HONEYBEE GENOME SEQUENCING CONSORTIUM (2006): Insights into social insects from the genome of the honeybee Apis mellifera. Nature    443: 931-949
HoneybeeGenomeSequencingConsortium_2006_Nature.pdf (4.5 MB)  vom 12.10.2010

JAFFE R, EBERHARD W, DE ANGELO C, EUSSE D, GUTIERREZ A, QUIJAS S, RODRIGUEZ A, RODRIGUEZ M (2006): Caution, webs in the way! Possible functions of silk stabilimenta in Gasteracantha cancriformis (Araneae: Araneidae). J Arachnol 34: 448-455
Jaffe_etal_2006_J-Arachnol.pdf (223.5 KB)  vom 12.10.2010

KATZERKE A, NEUMANN P, PIRK CWW, BLISS P, MORITZ RFA (2006): Seasonal nestmate recognition in the ant Formica exsecta. Behav Ecol Sociobiol    61: 143–150
Katzerke_etal_2006_BES.pdf (222.7 KB)  vom 12.10.2010

KEN T, HEPBURN HR, SHAOYU HE, RADLOFF SE, NEUMANN P, XIANG FANG (2006): Gigantism in honeybees: Apis cerana queens reared in mixed-species colonies. Naturwissenschaften    93: 315-320
Ken_etal_2006_Naturw.pdf (107.8 KB)  vom 12.10.2010

MUERRLE TM, NEUMANN P, DAMES JF, HEPBURN HR, HILL MP (2006): Susceptibility of Adult Aethina tumida (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae) to Entomopathogenic Fungi. J Econ Entomol 99: 1-6
Muerrle_etal_2006_JEE.pdf (100.8 KB)  vom 12.10.2010

SCHARPENBERG H, NEUMANN P, van PRAAGH JP, MORITZ RFA (2006): Reliability of an island mating apiary under routine management. J Apicult Res 45: 153-154
Scharpenberg_etal_2006_JAR.pdf (56.9 KB)  vom 12.10.2010

SCHLÜNS EA, NEUMANN P, SCHLÜNS H, HEPBURN HR, MORITZ RFA (2006): Nestmate recognition and genetic variability among individuals from nests of the queenless ponerine ant, Streblognathus aethiopicus Smith (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Afr Entomol 14: 95-102
Schluens_etal_2006_Afr-Entomol.pdf (316.6 KB)  vom 12.10.2010

SPIEWOK S, NEUMANN P, HEPBURN HR (2006): Preparation for disturbance-induced absconding of Cape honeybee colonies (Apis mellifera capensis Esch.) Insect Soc    53: 27-31
Spiewok_etal_2006_InsSoc.pdf (67.4 KB)  vom 12.10.2010

SPIEWOK S, NEUMANN P (2006): Cryptic low-level reproduction of small hive beetles in honey bee colonies. J Apicult Res 45: 47-48
Spiewok_Neumann_2006_JAR.pdf (46.8 KB)  vom 12.10.2010

WOLF S, BRETTSCHNEIDER H, BATEMAN PW (2006): The predator defence system of an African king cricket (Orthoptera: Anostostomatidae): does it help to stink? Afr Zool 41: 75-80
Wolf_etal_2006_Afr-Zool.pdf (350.9 KB)  vom 12.10.2010